We train our teams to reach the top and maintain sportsmanlike conduct ON and OFF the field. If you’d like to become part of one of our teams CLICK HERE and register to tryout!

Developing and Playing to Win

  Soccer Players aren’t just born - they’re trained, molded and tested. BenficaFC is a competitive force in the West Valley of the Phoenix area. We hone raw talent to maturity with coaching and a true love of the sport. Teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship - those are the hallmarks of our Soccer Club.

Mission Statement

The BenficaFC mission is to provide young boys and girls with an opportunity to play the sport of soccer at the highest level, and through this experience to develop as individuals and people, (citizens) focusing on growth in personal character, attitude, teamwork and discipline.



  1. To provide young boys and girls with qualified licensed coaching and training.

  2. To provide a positive environment in which to facilitate player development to its fullest.

  3. To expose all players to the highest levels of competition.

  4. To help all players reach their highest soccer potential, i.e. collegiate, professional, and national team. (Olympic),

  5. To promote and facilitate community involvement.



  1. BenficaFC is committed to becoming the center for soccer excellence and is dedicated to teaching the game of soccer to youth in a positive environment.

  2. BenficaFC offers a comprehensive and progressive training program for the serious soccer athlete.  Our emphasis is on long-term player growth.  The players are given a foundation for the game on which they can improve and develop, and are instructed in a team system and environment where the individual can shine and flourish.

  3. Provide a challenging positive environment in which the development of the physical, intellectual, and psychological elements necessary for soccer excellence are maximized.  Our reach for excellence includes teaching sportsmanship, commitment, and teamwork through our teams, coaches, and trainers.

  4. BenficaFC will provide a year round soccer training program that will develop players’ greatest potential focusing on top quality instruction and exposure to the highest levels of national and international competition.

  5. Community involvement will be an integral part of player and club development.


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