Support benfica, and connect your business with parents, coaches and athletes.

We’re the proud home of 400+ youth athletes (competitive & recreational) who represent the next generation of our community and 250+ adult male & female that play at our Adult Recreational Big Goal Soccer Leagues.

We rely on the support of local businesses like yours to help give every kid the chance to play the sport that they love. Sports teach our kids about the value of teamwork, dedication, and discipline while helping them build character, confidence, and friendships that will last a lifetime.
You can help us continue to provide kids with these opportunities by becoming a sponsor.

The parents and athletes at our club love to support the businesses that support them.

The sponsorship will give you a direct connection to our club’s parents, athletes, fans and our adult leagues, where you can extend special offers, discounts, and messages of encouragement.

All sponsorships are assigned to youth that need financial assistance to play soccer. We have helped hundreds of kids that need financial assistance for the last 10 years. When our community works together, we win together!

Contact info@benficastars.com or text 623-308-1731


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