Entering its 12th year in 2020, Benfica is a large sports organization in the Phoenix West Valley region with youth and adult soccer.  Benfica began with the simple objective of providing equal opportunities for players of all ages and abilities to play soccer.

From fielding its first soccer teams in 2007, the Club will be growing in 2020 to include Field Hockey, Softball, Lacrosse and Volleyball.

Over the years, the Club has adopted a unique philosophy with an emphasis on providing an environment where players could learn the game and develop over time.  In addition to teaching players the fundamentals of the game, Benfica has always made it a point to prepare players off the field just as much as on it.  This model of practice will be playing an integral role with all of the Club's sports launch in 2020 and will help in growing the Club's model by providing  a full Sports Club model structure!

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